Gregg Leaks Receives Backlash And Responds Following An IG Post About His Wife, NeNe Leakes

Gregg Leaks Receives Backlash And Responds Following An IG Post About His Wife, NeNe Leakes
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Gregg Leakes received backlash over a post from his social media account. A lot of people said that NeNe Leakes was the one who actually posted what you will see below.

People accused Gregg of letting his wife post from his IG account, and after he denied doing so, followers said that they would have never expected him to be able to talk like that.

Anyway, here's the post that triggered it all:

'All you imposters riding off me to stay relevant....Do something on your own & get off my yacht & back in your row boat. Oh... before you go .. Deuces.... yes Mr. Nene said it.. C’mon babe I got you..'

People started to say that NeNe is the one who wrote this message. Someone said: 'Nene wrote the cap😂' and more followers said the same.

A lot of fans, on the other hand, gushed over Gregg for showing such support for NeNe and defending her from haters.

A fan said: '@greggleakes You are so supportive of your wife what a blessing,' while another one posted this: 'Wow!!!! I want a husband like you!!!! ❤️🙌🏾 You always support your wife, and that is so respectful!!'

Gregg responded to haters and said the following in a new post:

'I wrote the IG y’all, darn..She didn’t, I did it wit my own fingers. Can’t I, OG express myself concerning my own wife as I see it, shucks..Not in Ladies business, just speaking out loud America. We just trying to live ova here & be Blessed as I want you All to be... Now put your cars in park & enjoy the Holidays...Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL'

A commenter said: 'You have always been so positive and above board...people don't expect that kind of pettiness from you regardless of the situation. It seemed a little low brow for someone as kind as you seem to be.'

Someone else supported Gregg and posted: 'And he said it loud enough for the haters in the back😘You are the nicest man! Say whatever you want! ❤️'

What do you think actually happened?

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