Gregg Leakes Has The Cutest Response To NeNe Leakes' Friday Plans

Gregg Leakes Has The Cutest Response To NeNe Leakes' Friday Plans
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NeNe Leakes hopped on her social media account, just the other night to tell her fans all about the plans for the night. You can probably guess what she planned for the evening: nothing! Well, nothing besides snacking.

Not too long ago, NeNe also talked about what's freaking her out these days.

Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

'It’s Friday Nite! Guess what imma be doing? Yup u got it right...NOTHING other than strolling back & fourth to the pantry searching for my next bite😭😭😭 #quarantineandchill #thisserious #stayhome,' NeNe captioned her post.

Gregg Leakes hopped in the comments and here's what he had to say to his wife: 'Babe- pls don’t eat All our virus food...'

People laughed their hearts out after reding his funny comment.

Someone said: 'I know Gregg did not just comment on here ab sum “Virus Food”' and another follower posted this: 'Don’t do like I did. My refrigerator had the nerve to ask me what the fk am I looking for again.'

A commenter said: 'You are my fav! if you leave the show I leave the show. Andy better know it!! Love ya,' and someone else posted this: 'No kidding! I’m gonna be big as a house when this is over!'

Someone said: 'You look like Breakthrough....just a beautiful day of light ....keep shinning NeNe! My Mom is battling colon a battle but God she is still [email protected] I will continue to pray for Greg for his forever healing!'

A commenter brought up RHOA and posted this: '@neneleakes Just watched the Greek episode, and you made my night!! I absolutely love watching the show w you and Porsha and now.. Tanya! I’m tryna figure out if I should save the next episode since there may not be filming in awhile 👀'

NeNe and Gregg are staying at home these days as well just like most people.

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