Gregg Leakes Asks For Prayers As He's Getting Scanned For Any Signs Of Disease In His Body

Gregg Leakes Asks For Prayers As He's Getting Scanned For Any Signs Of Disease In His Body
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Gregg Leakes asked his fans and followers for prayers today as he was heading to the hospital in order to get scanned for any signs of cancer. As you all know, NeNe Leakes' husband struggled with the horrible disease and not too long ago he finished a chemo session of six months .

Here's the message that he posted on his social media account.

'Good Morning World..I’m asking for your Prayers as i take my body scan this am to see if there is any cancer in my body. I KNOW I’m healed by the Promises of God, by the Blood of Jesus and by your Prayers. I Thank You for your Prayers all the time and especially today as i take this Scan shortly. To God be the Glory and May HIS WILL take place in Heaven and on Earth. I go in this morning claiming Victory as i don’t know defeat. My God shall supply ALL my needs,' Gregg posted on his social media account.

His fans and followers offered him all the support in the comments, telling him to trust God and everything will turn out fine.

Someone said 'We’re right here with you Greg. Let’s beat this for good!'

Another follower posted 'In the name of Jesus we pray we ask God to forgive us from all our sins everything we have said, heard and done. So He May hear our prayers we ask Him to let your scans come back free and clear with no traces of cancer today and forever more. We pray for everyone all over this planet who are facing the same challenges today to also be cancer free. We cast cancer into the pits of hell from which it came in Jesus Holy sovereign name we pray, Amen and Praise God!'

One fan wrote 'We are all praying for you, Gregg! God is a healer and you, my friend are a believer ❤️🙏🏻'

At first, Gregg refused chemotherapy, but eventually, the doctor convinced him that this is the best choice after surgery to minimize all risks of the disease to come back again.

NeNe shared not too long ago some videos on social media with Gregg making the happy announcement and celebrating.

Let's keep Gregg in our prayers!

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