Grammy Awards Finally Gives Mother Of 21 Savage A Ticket So She Can Go To The Awards In His Place

Grammy Awards Finally Gives Mother Of 21 Savage A Ticket So She Can Go To The Awards In His Place
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Previously, it was being reported that 21 Savage's mother wasn't allowed to receive tickets to see the Grammy Awards, but it appears that the situation has been handled

Reportedly, the tickets belonging to Abraham-Joseph, or 21 Savage, have been given to the rapper's mother from his co-manager after the Grammys apparently refused to give them up.

It was revealed by the media earlier today by Justin Williams, who tweeted about it a number of times and said, "you should do the right in the dark and the light," in reference to the organization giving up the tickets following somewhat of an outcry.

Kei Henderson, Joseph's manager, said that suddenly the Grammys were giving the tickets to his mom, "that's wild," the manager explained. On the 3rd of February, 21 Savage was taken into custody by the federal institution, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

Previously, it was being reported that Abraham-Joseph's mother wanted to go to the ceremony in his place, but the organization didn't want to give the tickets up, probably due to fear of giving the tickets to the wrong person and then facing a huge backlash.

On the 10th of February, Sunday, Abraham-Joseph's manager, Justin Williams accused the Grammys of unfairly withholding the tickets to see the show. "We won't be going to Grammys, the politics and s**t is ridiculous," the manager remarked.

Currently, the rapper is in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and reports claim that he is being held in a 23-hour holding cell without television or any way of contacting anybody outside of the cell.

His lawyer said there was no reason for ICE to be holding Abraham-Joseph, especially considering, according to his attorney, that many other individuals are often allowed to stay and are released by the federal agency. Perhaps the real question here is: why didn't his managers tell him the importance of renewing his visa? Isn't that what managers are supposed to do?

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