'Gracious' Melania Trump Appreciates The Donald's Great Sacrifice For The Country

'Gracious' Melania Trump Appreciates The Donald's Great Sacrifice For The Country
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Once more, Melania Trump will be jetting off to Florida and leaving The Donald behind in the White House all alone.

The fashionista first lady and her son, Barron, have decided to spend New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-Lago as The Donald makes another great sacrifice for the country -- miss out at a lavish party.

Melania will be hosting a very fancy and expensive ball without President Trump by her side.

POTUS will remain in the nation's capital to go on epic Twitter rants about the government shutdown and the Democrats who are making his job of governing impossible.

A source close to the former model said: “It’s far from an ideal scenario, but Melania intends to try and make the most of a bad situation and enjoy the New Years Eve ball without Donald. It’s pretty stressful hosting such a huge event on her own, but Melania is extremely gracious and experienced when it comes to social engagements so she will be able to handle it just fine on her own.”

The insider went on to explain: “Guests paid so much for their tickets that it would have been inconceivable for both of the Trumps not to attend, and cancellation wasn’t even an option, so the show must go on without Donald.”

While in Washington, D.C., The Donald plans to call his wife on New Year’s Eve.

The source continued: “He has promised to call Melania at midnight to wish her a happy new year, but it still won’t be the same without him there in person. That’s just another sacrifice Donald must make as president.”

Another insider claimed Melania was not happy about her Christmas plans being ruined because of the shutdown.

The second friend claimed: “Melania is not at all happy about the last minute change of plans. She was really looking forward to spending Christmas in the sun and had already arranged so much at Mar-a-Largo that now has to be scrapped. Melania really isn’t pleased, but she’s not angry at Donald. She agrees with his decision to stay put. She’s determined though to put a brave face on it and to try and make the most of Christmas that she can.”

2018 is ending on a complicated note for the president.

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