GQ Comes Under Fire For Listing Serena Williams As A "Woman" In Quotation Marks

GQ Comes Under Fire For Listing Serena Williams As A "Woman" In Quotation Marks

GQ put Selena Williams on their 2018 Woman Of The Year edition on Monday and they found themselves in trouble because of it. This time, it wasn't the photo, itself, that was the problem, but the way in which they spelled the word "woman."

Every year, the magazine puts out a list called Men of the Year for the last issue of the year in December. In 2003, they began honoring women as well, featuring the likes of Sarah Silverman and others.

In this latest issue, GQ published a photograph of the tennis champion, Serena Williams, and put the word "Woman," in quotations. Critics of the publication accused them of mocking Williams, suggesting that the outlet suggested she looks like a man - a frequent insult haters use to make fun of Serena and her sister, Venus.

The magazine's research manager, Mick Rouse, said on Twitter that the cover was handwritten by Off-White's Virgil Abloh, the creator of one of the most popular brands out right now next to Kanye's Yeezy's.

Many people recognize Virgil's style, as he likes to handwrite things using quotation marks around the word. Even though Rouse offered an explanation, it wasn't enough for many busybodies on Twitter.

Last year, Serena Williams wrote an open letter to the aggregate linking website, Reddit, and said people have called her all kinds of nasty things throughout her career, including a "man" and "masculine." Thankfully, she has managed to reframe her haters' criticism.

At the beginning of October, during an interview with Adweek, Serena claims she likes to use sensationalist news stories as a way of helping her brand. The tennis player said she turns negative messages into positive ones.

Not only is Serena a world-class athlete, but Williams has also launched her own fashion brand called, "Serena," and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry, including Nike, Puma, and HSN.

As most fans of hers know, she is now the mother to a one-year-old daughter with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, who is one of the main founders of the incredibly popular website, Reddit.

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