Gorgeous Tiny Harris Poses Next To A T.I. Poster And Has Fans Saying She's A 'Living Doll'

Gorgeous Tiny Harris Poses Next To A T.I. Poster And Has Fans Saying She's A 'Living Doll'
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris has been proudly promoting her song. Now, she s posing next to a poster featuring her beloved hubby Tip, and the singer looks amazing.

She has the face of a porcelain doll, indeed. Fans have been supporting her solo music, and they also made sure to praise her beauty in the comments section.

You may recall that Tiny has revealed to her fans and followers that she’s working on her solo project for quite a while.

She said she wants to bring ‘Ryder’ on stage and her hubby, T.I. did not like it.

Just in case you forgot, Ryder is Tiny’s sexy alter-ego, and Tip said that this persona of her should be reserved just for him. Anyway, here's Tiny's post:

'Hey You!!!!!!😋 In these NY streets early on my Pretty Hustle  I F**kn❤️U out everywhere ♋️season approaching!!!🤑 s/o to glam @therealnoigjeremy @mspriscillanyc @hairenomicsonhair @cee_mynails 📸 @jmo_74,' Tiny captioned her post.


Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams both gushed over Tiny's new pics.

Someone commented: 'Let em’ know ❤️ you post one post and people think that’s what’s happening in your LIFE 💯 social media really be having people fooled '

One commenter said: 'This was the first thing that popped on my insta feed when I opened it. I F**kn❤️U...you’re awesome!!'

One fan told Tiny: 'Stay down baby girl .. ❤️ TIP loves you at the end of the day ❤️ you are so beautiful!! You look amazing!!'

Someone else posted: 'Yaaaassssss you are beautiful like a living Doll! Stand by your Man! Cancer season is THE realest! ♋'

A fan wrote, '@troubleman31 you will never find this love anywhere! That's that #90s heart! You know when you use to get that feeling when Hi-Five 'Kissing Game' came on or that Shai "Baby I'm Yours'😍😍😍 You knoooowwww. #90s #reallove.'

Tiny has been looking great lately, and her fans and followers noticed. It's great to see doing so well with her solo project. Congrats, Tiny!

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