Gordon Ramsay Is Not Giving A Dime To His Kids!

Gordon Ramsay Is Not Giving A Dime To His Kids!
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Gordon Ramsay is giving his kids some tough love. In the recent interview, Gordon revealed he has no intention to share his $160 million fortune with any of his four children.

The Hell's Kitchen celebrity, 50-years-old, said to The Telegraph why his kids, Megan, Holly, Jack, and Matilda wouldn't be getting a single dime from his estate.

Although, he is willing to make the exception of buying their first apartment, partially anyway, the star said his fortune is definitely not going to the kids, but not in a mean way of course.

"It's not to spoil them," Gordon proclaimed.

He agreed with his wife, Tana, the children will get a 25 percent deposit on an apartment, but not the entire apartment.

Ramsay explained when he flys with his four teenagers they ride in coach while Gordon and his wife sit in first class. Harsh!

"They haven’t worked anywhere near hard enough to afford that.”

The star said at their age they do not need to sit in first class especially considering they're size. The celebrity chef said him and his wife are very strict on that.

Ramsay remarked he even stops them from visiting first-class while Gordon and his wife enjoy the luxury of the front of the plane.

Apparently, he likes to sleep, and when his kids are bothering him on the plane he doesn't get much of it, so he keeps them as far away as possible.

Gordon Ramsay said the way he looks after his kids keep them grounded in reality. His children have a completely different life than he did when he was growing up and he makes sure his children realize they need to work for their privileges and not be entitled.

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