Goldlink Insists He Was Not Accusing Mac Miller Of Stealing His Music -- Claims Late Rapper Was His Best Friend After Backlash

Goldlink Insists He Was Not Accusing Mac Miller Of Stealing His Music -- Claims Late Rapper Was His Best Friend After Backlash
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In a confusing Instagram post, rapper Goldlink rumbled about his relationship with Mac Miller that deteriorated over time. After it appeared that the artist was accusing Mac of copying his music, he took to stage to say that's not what he meant.

During his tour stop in Germany, Goldlink addressed the crowd in a video captured by a fan.

Referencing the fact that Miller was one of if not the first major artist to take him on tour with them, the musician claimed: 'Mac Miller is my best friend in the industry, that's one of my best f******* friends to this day.'

He also attempted to clear up the part of his accusation that seemed to insinuate that Mac stole the concept for The Divine Feminine from him.

Goldlink claimed his message was 'about love and that n****s can actually be brothers. It wasn't about stealing, I never used the word copy. I never used the word steal.'


The controversial Instagram post in question was a series of photos and read, in part: 'So I didn’t always have great things to say about you. When we were on the GO:OD AM tour, I played you my album “and after that we didn’t talk”, and you thought it was absolutely incredible. I released it under the“Soulection” label and the single for my album was called “Unique” ft. Anderson Paak, and that was your favorite song at the time. You loved it so much that you made the entire tour party listen to it, and surprised me with a cake after my set. I always thought you drove yourself insane about your own music. So much that, you would adopt styles as homage to those around you that you loved. That’s where our problem started. Divine Feminine was an actual blueprint of “and after that we didn’t talk”. Your single was called “Dang!” Ft. Anderson had Souelction support you on the Divine Feminine tour and when I tried to contact you, about anything at never hit me. A close mutual friend ended up just hittin’ my DJ saying “listen man, we love Link, but we just had to do what we had to do.'

He went on to thank Miller for giving him a platform and recalling the last time he saw the artist before his saddening death.

Anderson Paak, along with thousands of fans, didn't understand the point of Goldlink's post and called him out for it.

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