Glen Campbell's dark side is no longer a secret

Glen Campbell's dark side is no longer a secret
Credit: Source: Rolling Stone

Currently, the country star is fighting Alzheimer, to the sadness of his fans. However, this seems to be a great opportunity for old enemies and exes to reveal some not-so-pleasant details about his life. According to some sources, Glen Campbell has had lots of issues fighting alcohol and drugs while also having a bad temper. Moreover, he is also accused of domestic abuse and now there is an entire family feud going on!

One of the sources declared that Campbell indeed had an awful temper. As it seems, he used to carry guns and talk all the time about killing people who supposedly were his enemies. This temper was also shown in his professional attitude, since sometimes he got into serious rages and threatened employees with killing them.

The singer, who won a Grammy Award for his piece "Gentle on My Mind" admitted in his autobiography released in 1994 that he was indeed a "cheap drunk and high". He has also starred in True Grit , a 1969 Western movie, together with John Wayne, being chosen by John Wayne himself. However, it seems shocking that despite all his successful career, he was still an alcoholic and often had violent outbursts because of this.

Having been married with another country singer, Tanya Tucker, he has been often times charged with domestic violence too. Their relationship has always been quite strange: they started being together in 1980, when she was only 21 and he was 44. Their affair was mainly fueled by drugs and alcohol and it all ended when he dumped her and got her out of the concert tour they were both holding.

In the same autobiography, called Rhinestone Cowboy , the star declared that they were both terrible for one another since they were constantly abusing drugs. After the break-up, Tucker sued Campbell for $3 million on accusations that he abused her.


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