‘Glee’ Actor Kevin McHale Casually Comes Out Of The Closet Thanks To Ariana Grande!

‘Glee’ Actor Kevin McHale Casually Comes Out Of The Closet Thanks To Ariana Grande!
Credit: Source: fanworld.co

The Glee actor made it seem like it was Ariana Grande who inspired him to tell the world. Kevin McHale took to social media to come out as gay after only recently dropping hints about his sexuality.

Fans of the 29-year-old star have been speculating that he is gay for quite some time now, but it has never been confirmed until now.

The reveal was actually quite casual as most people already assumed anyway.

Kevin wrote that Ariana’s brand new song titled No Tears Left to Cry is even ‘gayer’ than him.

‘#NoTearsLeftToCry is gayer than me, and I ACCEPT. Ty @ArianaGrande,’ he wrote in his post today.

So the conclusion is that the singer’s song is so good that it inspired someone to be open about their sexuality. How cool is that?

Rumors have been going around that Kevin is gay for some time and they became even more visible after he started sharing pics that featured him and another hot man.

But the most significant announcement, even if he did not put it into words must be his post from Coachella.

The photo he posted showed a mystery guy cuddled up to the Glee actor and it was simply captioned #mycoachella. Aww.

Although it was left up to interpretation, people don’t usually cuddle with friends, right? And if they do, they definitely don’t take pics of it.

As for Ariana Grande’s new song, we can only agree that it is a fantastic one!

Not only did she release the track but also blessed her fans by dropping the music video for it at the same time!

Not to mention that her look has totally changed and we live for her icy hair!


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