Gizelle Bryant Says She Left Cynthia Bailey's Wedding Because Guests Took Off Their Masks

Gizelle Bryant Says She Left Cynthia Bailey's Wedding Because Guests Took Off Their Masks
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Cynthia Bailey's recent wedding was the place to be for Bravolebrity's when she tied the know to Mike Hill. However, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was called out by fans and stars alike for having a 250 person gathering which is considered a super spreader event for Coronavirus.

This decision was so controversial that Bravo pulled out at the last minute and refused to film the event that is a main storyline for the season. Cynthia ended up hiring her own crew to film the nuptials.

Just a day before the event went down, Mike and Cynthia shared a video of a sanitization company spraying down the place that the wedding was held. They also gave a statement about taking the proper precautions.

'There will be masks, face shields, temperature check. People will even be able to eat outside because there won’t be traditional round dinner tables,' they explained.

Well, her networkmate -- Gizelle Bryant -- may have spilled the beans of what a lot of people already suspected by just seeing the photos. The Real Housewives of Potomac star said that she left early because people started taking off their masks!

'In the beginning, when it first started, absolutely, everybody had either a shield or a mask on. But then people started eating and drinking, and that’s when it was chaos a little bit,' she explained to Andy Cohen.

She went on to say: 'I actually left before the toast happened…I left because people started taking their masks off. I just felt very nervous. I just had to go back to my hotel and do some things.'

In the newly released RHOA trailer, Cynthia and Mike seemingly go back and forth about whether they want to have a wedding and invite people or if they would rather elope.


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