Ginuwine's '106 & Park' Performance Gets Another Look From Fans After He Becomes A Meme

Ginuwine's '106 & Park' Performance Gets Another Look From Fans After He Becomes A Meme
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Since the beginning of the month, people have been talking about the singer Ginuwine , and more especially, about his dance moves. The singer's most recent performance of his timeless song "Same Ol' G" from 1998 has been converted into a meme by internet users. In the video from August, the man, then 51 years old, can be seen quickly dragging his right leg across the dance floor, followed by his left leg, all the while staring directly into the camera of the person recording the event.

Fans continued to joke about Ginuwine for several days, while others rewatched some of his previous amusing performances. The singing heartthrob made a spectacular debut for his performance on the BET show "106 & Park," which was hosted by AJ Calloway and Free in the year 2003.

The fan wrote, "Y'all don't remember Ginuwine's 106 & Park appearance from back in the day." Ginuwine had appeared on the show in the past. He has a history of being an entertaining performer.

Free and AJ informed the audience that Ginuwine had been in an accident before the show began. This took place before Ginuwine took the stage. After then, the camera moved to the stage, where three guys clad in white jackets were wheeling the vocalist out of the venue on a hospital gurney.

Yo One of the men in red who was speaking remarked, "I've seen doctors use the electricity to shock his heart." But since you don't have that, all you have to do to bring him back to life is pumping his heart. That's what you need to do.

Ginuwine came back from the dead to sing his hit song "Pony" in 1996 after first executing the worm dance while lying on the gurney. My male background dancers were workin," one commenter gushed about the skilled performers in the amusing farce.

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