Ginger Spice Avoids Mel B Following Mel's Claim They Hooked Up

Ginger Spice Avoids Mel B Following Mel's Claim They Hooked Up
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Ever since Mel B claimed she once had sex with Geri Horner, also known as "Ginger Spice," the two apparently haven't been getting along that great. After Mel made the claim to Piers Morgan that she and Ginger Spice once slept together, it's been causing problems with the rest of the Spice Girls.

According to a report from Page Six, insiders who spoke with The Daily Mail claimed Horner and Mel B had been in a sexual relationship for longer than a year. The source stated that it lasted for "at least 12 months," and was in the very early days of the group.

The Spice Girls "deeply bought into the whole Girl Power phenomenon," the insider stated, and Mel B and Ginger Spice wanted to lead on the forefront of the movement. As for how having sex with each other leads to "girl power," is beyond explanation.

The Daily Mail suggested Ginger and Mel B had fallen in "lust at first sight" when they first met at the respective ages of 18 and 21-years-old. Since 2015, Geri has actually been married to Mr. Christian Horner. Regarding her experiences with other women, Mel B said once during a show that she realized women weren't her "cup of tea."

However, Melanie Chisholm, also known as Sporty Spice, was in the audience and wasn't thrilled at the revelation. A source who spoke with The Sun said that the "whole thing is in chaos" due to these new revelations. Moreover, Mel B allegedly called Victoria Beckham a "b*tch," which caused drama with the other girls.

Beckham has her own brands she works on these days and has since moved on from the Spice Girls permanently. Moreover, she's the wife of David Beckham, and also has a few children with him. An insider explained that "Victoria has moved on from that life."

And in past interviews, Victoria actually revealed that she wasn't that great of a singer anyway. Producers even turned off her microphone one evening when she was singing with the other girls. Either way, it's unclear what the future holds when it comes to the Spice Girls and their upcoming reunion.

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