Gina Torres Seen Kissing Another Man; She and Laurence Fishbourne Separated Last Year

Gina Torres Seen Kissing Another Man; She and Laurence Fishbourne Separated Last Year

It looks like it's heartbreak season as another long term celebrity couple has called it quits. Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne reportedly separated in the fall of 2016 after 14 years of marriage. Their split had been kept under wraps until a recent photo of Torres kissing another man surfaced.

The internet was abuzz when the candid paparazzi pictures were released, not long after, a statement from Torres was released explaining that she and her husband had amicably parted ways.

"With heavy hearts, Laurence and I quietly separated and began the dissolution of our marriage in the early fall of last year. There are no bad guys here. Only a love story with a different ending than either one of us had expected," the statement read.

The two have a daughter together who is 10 years old. The statement goes on to say that they are both committed to co-parenting their daughter and remaining friends who respect and admire one another but will no longer be walking through their lives side by side. A heartfelt statement that conveyed sadness and a new normal.

Interestingly enough, when Torres left hit show Suits last fall, she cited that she needed to work on her personal life. However, this particular claim didn't really cause any speculation regarding the state of her marriage. Retrospect is 20/20 because that's exactly around the time that the split took place.

Torres was even found on record saying that despite loving her character and the show so much, her life was her life and it needed to be tended to.

The mystery man that Torres was seen kissing earlier this week has not been identified. They were seen lunching at a restaurant in LA and Torres did not have on her wedding ring. It's too early and speculative to assume who this new man is in Torres life.

He could be a fling, rebound or a real potential new partner. Only time will tell and coming off of a breakup will only make the interest in her rumored love life all the more appealing.


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