Gina Rodriguez Covers Shape Magazine; Talks Health, Body Acceptance And How She Won't "Kill" Herself In The Gym

Gina Rodriguez Covers Shape Magazine; Talks Health, Body Acceptance And How She Won't "Kill" Herself In The Gym
Shape Magazine

Jane The Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, is enjoying being in the best shape of her life. Due to specific roles, she has recently taken, her training regimen has really amped up. As a result, she's become much toner and more svelte.

While she's always looked gorgeous, she was curvier than she is now that she's slimmed down. Rodriguez is well aware and knows her body won't always look a certain way and she's completely okay with that.

In the interview, she talks openly about having self-love and honoring your body. As an actress, she's always struggled with feeling like she needed to be a sample size. This caused her to develop some complexes around her weight and her image. However, she points out that weight is a transient state that we put too much importance on.

Rodriguez understands that her body will change and shift based on a myriad of different factors. She tells the magazine, "I've got to embrace the fact that when I'm shooting Jane, I can't work out as much. My body is going to look different, and that's okay."

She thinks we should shift the conversation from our bodies and image to our health. When she isn't training for a film, she loves to take part in Muay Thai. Rodriguez explains that the sport really showed her how imperative the mind is to overall physical health and optimum physical activity.

That particular sport has really displayed how true the "mind over matter" saying is.

However, Rodriguez is careful to make the distinction between being active, taking care of your body and becoming obsessed with the scale or your pant size.

She's come to terms with her body in a way that she feels tremendous comfort and grace in how capable it is and what it allows her to do. Because of this, she says she won't be killing herself in the gym in order to obtain a certain weight.

She's also upfront about the role food played in her skewed view of her body. The actress is now picking up foods that fuel her versus making her lethargic. She has a better, more positive relationship with her body and is so glad for it.

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