Gillie Da Kid Threatens To Release Video Footage Of Raekwon's Friends Beating Up Joe Budden

Gillie Da Kid Threatens To Release Video Footage Of Raekwon's Friends Beating Up Joe Budden
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According to Gillie Da Kid, he has footage of Raekwon's crew laying a beating on the podcaster, Joe Budden. Hip Hop Dx says there's no doubt Joe Budden has a long line of enemies who all have their own criticisms of him.

Joe Budden, who used to be a rapper, is now a cultural commentator which is, in many ways, more controversial because he doesn't actually participate in the game anymore. He merely commentates on the art of others.

Hot New Hip Hop says Gillie Da Kid has been dropping a lot of claims and stories about Joe Budden over the last few weeks. The outlet says Gillie Da Kid is clearly trying to embarrass the retired rapper, and he now claims to have footage of Joe getting a beating.

On his podcast, Gillie said if Joe Budden didn't act right, he was going to release the footage much to the retired artist's detriment. Gillie Da Kid went on to describe some of the footage from the tape, stating that he got punched in the face after he talked a bunch of "sh*t" about Raekwon and his crew.

Gillie da Kid joked that Joe says in the tape, "my eye! my eye! my eye!" after getting hit in the face. Thus far, it's not clear if Gillie Da Kid really has the footage, but as of now, there aren't any known videos of the incident he has described.

As it was noted above, the video footage would likely be enjoyed by many people in the game, considering Budden's controversial opinions about other artists in the rap business.

For instance, following the news that the 30-year-old rapper, Logic, was going to retire, Joe Budden came out to say he should've retired many years ago already. Logic said he was quitting the rap game to become a father to his child.

His latest record, titled, No Pressure , has been reported as his final project. Although, many have suggested Logic will come back again as many other artists have already done, including Nicki Minaj.

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    🤷🏾‍♀️ Jul 26, 2020 1:16 PM PDT

    I love Joe Budden. He is extremely intelligent and gifted. Many will be jealous and will attack that energy that he posses. He is a jerk too possibly narcissistic but that shouldn't mean that he can't express his opinion. At a certain point, men should be able to handle conflict differently.

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