Gigi Hadid Went As Jim Carrey's The Mask For Halloween And The Look Was Awesome — Patrick Ta Makes Magic Once Again

Gigi Hadid Went As Jim Carrey's The Mask For Halloween And The Look Was Awesome — Patrick Ta Makes Magic Once Again
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Twenty-four-year-old Gigi Hadid dressed as Jim Carrey's iconic character Stanley Ipkiss in The Mask for Halloween and the Internet is going crazy. Renowned celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta created the look for Gigi that saw her instantly transform from a gorgeous blonde supermodel to a flawless version of the character.

In the movie, Stanley's life changed when he found a magical mask and put it on his face. The mask transformed Stanley into a wild gangster who overcame his social anxieties and shyness. Gigi had the look down to a science and was gorgeous in the outfit. The Internet was stunned that Gigi Hadid could turn Stanley's outfit from The Mask into a look of high-fashion and photos of her in the outfit and with her impeccable makeup went viral. Gigi wore the costume to Kendall Jenner's birthday/Halloween party.

Both Gigi and her sister, model Bella Hadid, chose to wear gender-swapping versions of characters for their Halloween costumes this year. Bella Hadid dressed as Fred Flintstone , instead of Wilma, Betty Rubble, Pepples, or even Halle Berry's character Sharon Stone, and Gigi chose to be The Mask's Stanley Ipkiss as opposed to the character Tina Carlyle, made famous by Cameron Diaz.

The choice to wear male-oriented costumes proved to be a huge hit this Halloween and the Internet is going crazy for Gigi's costume.

You may see several photos of Gigi as The Mask below.

Gigi didn't just look stylish in the outfit, but she had some seriously cool moves down as well. Sharing a video with her 50.5 million Instagram followers, Gigi showed off performing Jim Carrey's signature catchphrase, "Somebody stop me..."

The video has more than 4 million views and over 3,000 comments.

Iceberg crafted Gigi's yellow suit that she paired with a yellow, wide-brim hat with black trim and band. A polka dot kerchief and tie provided the perfect embellishments, and Gigi wore oversized, yellow hoop earrings with the ensemble.

Gigi credited celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrell with helping her put the outfit together. Mimi also worked with Bella Hadid on her Fred Flintstone and Catwoman costumes. Laura Polko styled Gigi's hair.

What do you think of Gigi's costume? Do you think she looked amazing?

Gigi and Bella both dressed in typically male-oriented costumes for Halloween? What are your thoughts on swapping genders on Halloween? Do you think it is as accepted for men to dress as women as it is for women to dress as male-characters on Halloween?

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