Gigi Hadid Sued Again For Posting Paparazzi Photo Without The Photographer's Consent

Gigi Hadid Sued Again For Posting Paparazzi Photo Without The Photographer's Consent
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According to a report from Page Six, Gigi Hadid is gearing up to fight a $150,000 lawsuit regarding a social media upload. The supermodel posted a picture of her ex-boyfriend, Zayn Malik, owned by a paparazzo, on her Instagram and now she's feeling the legal repercussions.

Court documents filed in the Southern District Of New York, and obtained by the aforementioned outlet, revealed that the supermodel is facing off against yet another lawsuit over unauthorized use of a picture, owned by someone else.

Robert O'Neill, a paparazzo, took a picture of Zayn Malik walking down the streets of New York City one evening, and he claims he owns the copyright to the photo, essentially barring Gigi from posting it on her account.

The lawsuit documents read that the supermodel was not "licensed or otherwise authorized" to post the picture. As followers of the model know, this won't be the first time she has faced off against a lawsuit for using someone else's photograph, regardless of who was pictured in it.

While this is just part of the business, Gigi Hadid has encountered other problems this year as well. Earlier this year, Gigi and Bella were actually robbed in Mykonos after they came back to their hotel to discover much of their belongings had either been stolen or were thrown around the room.

TMZ reported that they lost several items, including jewelry, designer purses, clothing, and sunglasses. Despite that, Gigi appeared rather nonchalant, joking on her social media account that she wouldn't be coming back to Greece anytime soon.

Later, both women filed a report with the police. Reportedly, they believe that someone in the hotel staff may have played a role in the burglary, similar to Kim Kardashian's predicament back in late 2016.

As it was previously reported, Kim Kardashian was robbed in late 2016 while her husband, Kanye West, was on tour. Kanye subsequently had to cancel his show and get off the stage, citing a "family emergency."

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