Gigi Hadid Slammed For Taking Three-Month-Old Baby Daughter Out In Nor'Easter

Gigi Hadid Slammed For Taking Three-Month-Old Baby Daughter Out In Nor'Easter
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Gigi Hadid is being slammed on social media after taking her three-month-old daughter in New York's freezing cold weather to take a photo and share it online. Gigi captioned the photo with: 'her first snow 🤍🗽' and though many of her famous friends praised the snap, others weren't as enthused.

Ashley Graham, who herself was chastized online after changing her infant son on the floor of a Staples store, responded with the following emojis; '😭💞🥺.'

Yolanda Hadid shared a heart emoji and wrote the word 'Angel' prompting many people to question whether the grandmother was simply calling the baby an angel or if Angel is the baby's name. Neither Gigi Hadid nor her partner Zayn Malik has stated the baby's name publicly and many are referring to the baby as 'Zigi' or 'Zizi.'

Though many thought the photo was sweet and beautiful, plenty of commenters felt otherwise.

One person left this remark.

"Why is the infant out in a freezing cold the middle of a street?🧐"

Another person didn't hold back and left this remark; 'CRAZZZZYYY TAKING A BABY OUT IN THAT WEATHER!!! 😱😣.'

Some were harsh with their criticism but didn't even believe that Baby Zigi was in the stroller. Multiple people left remarks on social media but when the Daily Mail picked up the story, people really slammed Gigi in the comment section. One person thought it was a baby-less photo op.

c'mon...this was just a photo op, nothing more. there's no proof baby Zizi was even in there, all you see is the stroller. she wasn't going anywhere, just turned around and went back home after the pic.

You may see the photo that has sparked controversy below.

Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Though Gigi was clearly bundled up and the baby stroller featured a plastic shield and cover, many people were still upset that Gigi took her baby out in the Nor'easter.

What do you think? Would you take a three-month-old baby outside during a Nor'easter and a pandem


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