Gigi Hadid Reveals Her Biggest Pregnancy Craving After Confirming She's Expecting A Baby With Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid Reveals Her Biggest Pregnancy Craving After Confirming She's Expecting A Baby With Zayn Malik
Credit: Source: Twitter

It’s been a big week for Gigi Hadid . After the supermodel turned 25 on April 23rd, it was revealed that she was expecting her first baby with boyfriend Zayn Malik. Hadid confirmed the news during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, and she also dished on her biggest pregnancy craving.

The Victoria’s Secret model told Fallon that she celebrated her 25th birthday with both a breakfast party and a dinner party. In the morning, Hadid says her family brought out an everything bagel cake, which “blew” her mind.

“My craving has been everything bagels. I eat an everything bagel a day. I was already so excited that my birthday cake was an everything bagel,” said Hadid. “I found out that Buddy the Cake Boss made my cake! I don’t know if it was my hormones right now or just quarantine emotions, but I cried every five minutes for, like, an hour every time I thought about how Buddy made my cake.”

TMZ was first to break the news that Hadid and Malik were expecting. Hadid admitted that she wishes she and Malik could have announced their pregnancy in their own way, but ultimately they are excited and happy.

Hadid explained that being pregnant right now while in quarantine with her family - including Malik - at their ranch in Pennsylvania has actually been a positive thing because she and Malik can focus on the pregnancy and be in the moment instead of dealing with their busy careers.

Hadid and Malik rekindled their romance four months ago, after being on-and-off for years. An insider said at the time that Hadid and Malike are “so in love,” and she has always wanted to start a family with the former One Direction singer.

Another source claims that Hadid was trying to keep her pregnancy “low-key” before the news was leaked. Now that everyone knows, Hadid is excited to be a mom and “so happy to be pregnant,” says the source.

The best part for Gigi Hadid, claims the insider, is that she is “embarking on this new journey of motherhood” with Zayn Malik by her side.


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