Gigi Hadid Likes Open Letter Slamming Kanye West For Being A Trump Supporter!

Gigi Hadid Likes Open Letter Slamming Kanye West For Being A Trump Supporter!
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A lot of people are really upset with Kanye West for being a Trump supporter and as it turns out, Gigi Hadid is one of them! The supermodel was caught liking a tweet that discouraged the fashion industry from working with the rapper’s Yeezy brand due to the controversial support he’s shown a very controversial president.

In other words, if you were wondering whether or not you’d ever see Gigi and Ye collabing for a fashion show of his, you have your answer and it’s not a yes!

As fans know, Kim Kardashian’s husband just had his Season 8 show during Paris Fashion Week yesterday and on the same day, a message that advised models and other talented people in the industry not to associate with Kanye’s brand started going around on Twitter.

The request was simple – as long as he keeps showing support to Donald Trump, don’t show Kanye support.

Seeing the post, Gigi made sure to like it, making it clear that she agreed with it a hundred percent.

As for the tweet, it reads: ‘A MESSAGE TO THE FASHION INDUSTRY. Just in case that you forgot, Kanye West advocates for Trump’s administration. And that gay hating, poor person hating, immigrant hating, women hating, trans hating, animal and nature hating, abortion banning sociopathic genocidal agenda's the goody in each of your ‘sunday service’ gift bags.’

And that was not all! The message goes on: ‘Lending your talents to West’s product campaigns and your caches to the normalization of his heinous message endangers the lives of gay people, women, poor, middle and working classes, and the environment itself. You are producing right-wing propaganda with every tweet of elation, record cover, choreography, or peal of ‘Christian’ joy that you contribute to West’s dangerous campaign.’

The tweet originates from someone with the handle @anohni but it what Gigi liked was a retweet from another user that goes by @bryanboy on the platform.


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