Gigi Hadid Was Wearing Her Mom's Dress For Prom?

Gigi Hadid Was Wearing Her Mom's Dress For Prom?
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In the United States, it's really common for a guy to ask a girl to a school prom. Of course, women are beautiful and they deserve to be respected by men. If you really want a woman to accept your invitation, you've got to be a charming guy and prove to them that you're really capable of being a man. This is what popular fashion model Gigi Hadid expects from men including her boyfriend Zayn Malik, a former  One Direction  member.

Gigi posted on her Twitter account her picture collage of her school prom, which was dated 3 years ago. The beautiful model told the media that she didn’t buy anything for prom.

It was Gigi's mom Yolanda who helped her put something special together for the prom. She ended up asking her mother to borrow her dress. Yolanda was surprised that her daughter wanted to wear her dress during the school prom and agreed to let her borrow it. It was epic for Gigi to wear her mom's dress. Instead of wearing a modern or contemporary short dress, she was wearing a classic  Herve Leger  red "flashback" type dress.

Hadid said that she's going to miss her school days, especially the day when she attended senior prom.

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