Gigi Hadid Finally Confirms Pregnancy On Jimmy Fallon's Show

Gigi Hadid Finally Confirms Pregnancy On Jimmy Fallon's Show
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As it was previously reported, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were rumored to be expecting their first child, but as it turns out, the rumors are true. On the 28th of April, Entertainment Tonight and TMZ both alleged that the 25-year-old was pregnant and about to have her first baby with the former One Directioner, Zayn Malik.

A source who spoke with Entertainment Tonight claimed Gigi has kept the news under wraps for many weeks, and she's currently a few months into the process. Fans of the couple have been surprised by the news, considering the on-and-off nature of their relationship.

The insider explained that the breakup between the performing artist and model never really affected their romance, in fact, it actually helped strengthen it.

When they finally got back together, it was as if the romance never stopped. They suddenly realized what they had was so special and they quickly picked up where things left off. Just a few days after the pregnancy news hit the mainstream media, it was revealed she was expecting a baby girl.

You can check out her appearence on Jimmy Kimmel's show below:

Rather than relying on the media to tell the story, Zayn and Gigi have officially spread the news themselves during their appearence on the aforementioned television show. Gigi and Zayn said they would've liked to reveal the news on their own terms, but either way, they're pleased to talk about it.

Hadid mentioned the pandemic, stating it was great she and Zayn could be together right now, undisturbed by career activities and prior engagements. As fans of the couple know, they've been a lot more visible lately, including when Zayn celebrated her 25th birthday with Bella and her other friends.

A source who spoke with E! News in the recent past claimed Zayn had been speaking with Gigig repeatedly over the last few months, and she chose to give him another chance. Reportedly, she always had feelings for him, but the time between them was "needed."

As fans of the celebrity super couple know, Gigi and Zayn first kicked off romance rumors in November 2015.

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