Gigi Hadid Doubles Down On Slamming Greece After Receiving Backlash From Angry Fans

Gigi Hadid Doubles Down On Slamming Greece After Receiving Backlash From Angry Fans
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Gigi Hadid and some of the people closest to her had one of the worst trips of their lives when they visited the island of Mykonos. The vacation hot spot was slammed by the model because she was robbed during her stay!

Reports claim that Gigi, along with her sister Bella and friends, left the house that they were staying in to have a night on the town only to find out that when they returned they were robbed blind! Jewelry, clothes, sunglasses, and purses were just some of the things that were taken from the vacation home.

Hadid's team felt that it may have been an inside job since the house staff was allegedly the only ones who had access to the private villa. The vacationers cut the trip short by hopping on a plane and getting out of dodge.

The 24-year-old uploaded a flirty photo with a caption that told followers about the robbery and urged them not to visit the place.

This angered Grecians who slammed her for making Greece seem like a bad place just because she was a victim in a robbery. Some brought up instances where other celebrities were put in the same position but didn't have such a dramatic reaction.

As the hate comments piled up, Gigi decided to respond and explain exactly why she doesn't recommend other people to visit the island.

'Let me make this clear for everyone below who thinks I don’t deserve to have an opinion on my experience and warn people of this - I was robbed along with more than 30 houses that night, some to gunpoint. It was not possible to contact any form of law enforcement except through my local security who happened to have a contact. That is a privilege that most people traveling there wouldn’t have. If something happens while the police station is closed, there is nothing that can be done to protect yourself, and when the station does open, it doesn’t seem as though their training and resources are in line with keeping people safe or keeping up with the amount of crime that is happening on a nightly basis there (I am speaking of the island specifically only because it’s where I experienced this).'

She went on to say: 'This is not information that is shared with people before they go. If I’d known it happened so much and there was not enough infrastructure to protect myself I wouldn’t have gone. So this is my opinion based on actual events and you not liking that isn’t my problem. Lastly, I work my ass off and never do a trip like this for myself and friends, so if I want to post pictures of the trip after being robbed, I will do so.'

Do you think Hadid is in the wrong?

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