Gigi Hadid Confirms She And Zayn Malik Are Back Together With Sweet Valentine's Day Post!

Gigi Hadid Confirms She And Zayn Malik Are Back Together With Sweet Valentine's Day Post!
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It’s official! On Valentine’s day, Gigi Hadid finally confirmed that she and Zayn Malik are back together – again! This comes weeks after rumors that they had reunited.

The supermodel took to her social media account to share a pic of her former One Direction singer on again, off again boyfriend and it’s safe to say that fans could not contain their excitement.

The snap was taken at a farm back in December and the caption reads: ‘HEY VALENTINE. Z on the farm Dec 2019.’

It appears that Gigi was the one who captured the photo which shows Zayn posing with a smile on his face.

Here are a few of the excited fans' reactions to the reveal that Gigi and Zayn are indeed back together: ‘Screaminnnggg.’ / ‘So happy for you!’ / ‘The audience wants a picture of you two!’

The suspicions that they had reunited started a few weeks ago when Gigi posted a tribute to Zayn’s mother!

It was a delicious-looking dish IG Story that came along with a caption reading: ‘Sunday in the kitchen, about to marinate chicken for one of my favorites!!! @mammamalik’s Chicken Curry Pasta Salad. (Hopefully she will share the receipt with the world one day).’

And that was not all! A couple of weeks later, Gigi and Zayn were also spotted holding hands during his birthday celebration last month.

During another outing the very next day, the two were also caught keeping their arms around each other.

It was pretty difficult to misunderstand all these situations but still, fans were hoping for a confirmation and this is exactly what they got on love day!

Furthermore, fans are not the only ones happy, it sounds like so is Gigi’s mom, Yolanda Hadid.

One insider previously shared with HollywoodLife that she ‘loves all the guys her daughters have brought home. She gets very close to the boyfriends and she always really liked Zayn. So, if he is who makes Gigi happy, then she supports it.’

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