Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron Photographed On Another Date Amid Romance Rumors!

Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron Photographed On Another Date Amid Romance Rumors!
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Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron are spending more and more time together! The supermodel and the Bachelorette contestant were photographed on what seemed like a date yesterday.

As the two were out and about in New York City while also accompanied by friends, they were all smiles.

It makes sense the romance rumors are not going away since Gigi and Tyler are hanging out so much lately.

After leaving Le Turtle restaurant, the model and the Bachelorette runner-up, along with a few friends, were just walking around.

The paparazzi were quick to find them, snapping pics of the alleged couple mid-conversation.

It is unknown where they were heading after dinner.

No matter what their relationship status really is, it is pretty obvious that they really enjoy each other’s company at least.

As for the fashion for the night out together, both of them wore pretty casual clothes but nonetheless, still looked fashionable.

Previously, they were also seen hanging out with pals at Frames Bowling Lounge.

One eyewitness who was also at the venue told HollywoodLife that ‘You could tell that they were interested in each other and they were being very flirtatious throughout thewhole night. They were playfully teasing one another, kept giggling, and they could not stop smiling. It definitely looked like they had a great time in each other’s company and did not take their eyes off of each other despite hanging out with a group of their friends.’

Before that, they were spotted at Soho House in Brooklyn.

This was on August 4, not too long after the dating rumors had already started due to the fact that they began to follow one another on social media at the end of last month.

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