Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron 'Couldn’t Stop Smiling' As They Flirted On Bowling Date, Source Says

Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron 'Couldn’t Stop Smiling' As They Flirted On Bowling Date, Source Says
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One insider report claims that Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid’s rumored romance is heating up already! Apparently, while they were out bowling with some mutual pals, they kept flirting and could not stop smiling at one another!

It’s pretty clear that the two are really enjoying each other’s company since they’ve been on a couple of dates already in such a short period of time.

Yesterday, the supermodel and the Bachelorette contestant were seen hanging out with some friends at the Frames Bowling Lounge.

Soon after, one eyewitness shared with HollywooLife that: ‘You could tell they were interested in each other and were being very flirtatious throughout the night. They were playfully teasing each other, kept giggling, and they couldn’t stop smiling. It definitely seemed like they had a great time in each other’s company and didn’t take their eyes off each other despite hanging with a group of their friends.’

And that was not all! The group bowled for hours and then had some fun at karaoke at the same venue for about another hour as well.

The model looked as great as always in a pair of electric blue biker shorts, a white long-sleeve crop top, and sneakers.

As for her accessories, Gigi carried a camo print bag, wore a few layered gold necklaces and a pair of sunglasses.

This was not Gigi and Tyler’s first outing together.

In fact, they were seen in each other’s company the day before as well, this time at Brooklyn’s DUMBO house.

While the place prohibits taking pictures since they protect their VIP guests’ privacy, one fan managed to snap one picture that they shared on Snapchat.


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