Ghislaine Maxwell's Bedsheets Removed From Prison Cell Due To Fear Of Suicide

Ghislaine Maxwell's Bedsheets Removed From Prison Cell Due To Fear Of Suicide
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The New York Post reported today that authorities and prison professionals have dealt with Ghislaine Maxwell's status behind bars in a particular way. As most know, Jeffrey Epstein, her collaborator, killed himself this past August after being accused of creating a sex trafficking ring.

The authorities, likely to avoid finding Maxwell dead in her jail cell from suicide, have demanded she wears paper clothes and sleeps on paper sheets. The idea behind the paper sheets and clothes is to not provide her with a means of killing herself behind bars.

A source who spoke with The Associated Press claimed the Bureau of Prisons had been forced to ensure Ghislaine would not only be safe from the attacks of other prisoners, but also from herself. Earlier this week, it was reported that a former warden had requested Ghislaine be put on suicide watch.

As it was previously reported, authorities apprehended Ghislaine this past week in New Hampshire. She has been accused of finding underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and also lying about the purported crimes in a court of law.

Moreover, reports from earlier this week claimed Ghislaine hasn't been a favorite among her peers in the prison system either. According to the New York Post, other inmates have labeled Ghislaine as a "snooty rich b*tch."

The outlet says inmates who have been accused of sex crimes against children are usually the most hated behind prison walls. For that reason, sex offenders involving children often have to group together to defend themselves from the attacks of other people there.

Maxwell's trial will certainly be in the headlines this year. The death of Jeffrey Epstein led to widespread shock and awe due to the accused's relationship with some of the most powerful and influential people around the world, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and more.

Numerous pictures have been shared online which feature Epstein standing alongside some of the most famous people in Hollywood and in political circles as well.

A social media meme has persisted which has insinuated there is a conspiracy behind Epstein's death.

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