Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered And She'll Be Next

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered And She'll Be Next
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Apparently, Ghislaine Maxwell , like many others in North America, believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. The New York Post reported today that Ghislaine Maxwell thinks Jeffrey was killed while awaiting his trial behind bars.

A source who spoke with The Sun said this week that "everyone's view," including that of Ghislaine, is that Jeffrey was killed. The source also claims Maxwell received death threats following her arrest.

This past Tuesday, Ghislaine Maxwell was told she wouldn't be granted bail due to her extraordinarily high risk of flight due to her multiple passports as well as her massive multi-million dollar fortune. Ghislaine will be in jail for one year while she awaits her trial at the Brooklyn Detention Center.

As it was previously reported, the authorities captured Ghislaine on the 2nd of July in New Hampshire. The same source mentioned above claims Ghislaine hired her own security team after receiving a number of death threats.

The British socialite allegedly believes she'll be murdered before she even gets to trial. Maxwell reportedly let tears drip from her eyes when she was told she wouldn't be granted bail.

Thus far, Maxwell is up against charges that she and Epstein worked together in an elaborate scheme to attract young women and underage girls into a sex trafficking ring. Mr. Epstein was reported dead on the 10th of August this past year after security guards stopped checking in on him.

The chief examiner of New York City ruled the socialite's death as an official suicide, however, Epstein's death has become a meme since then on social media. Most social media users and many in the entertainment world don't believe he really truly killed himself.

As the argument goes, Jeffrey had ties to some of the most influential and powerful people in the world, and it was simply too dangerous for Jeffrey to be allowed to live. Epstein has been photographed next to people like Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, and many, many others.

Earlier this year, Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor, claimed Ghisialine deserved a right to a fair trial the same as everyone else.


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