Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Cried As She Was Denied Bail

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Cried As She Was Denied Bail
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This Tuesday, Ghislaine Maxwell stood up in a court of law and pled not guilty to the charges that she helped Jeffrey Epstein lure young women and girls into a global human trafficking ring. The New York Post reported today that her trial is for next year.

During a video conference call for her arraignment, Maxwell was hit with a six-count indictment related to the allegations of human trafficking. Maxwell has been accused of finding underage girls and women for abuse.

Prosecutors have also accused Ghislaine of participating in some of the sex crimes as well. Alison Nathan, the Manhattan federal judge, asked her how she wished to plead, and she said, "not guilty, your honor," with a raspy voice.

As it was previously reported, the 58-year-old British woman was apprehended by the authorities on the 2nd of July inside a New Hampshire mansion. The court set her trial date for the 12th of July, 2021, approximately one year from now.

The New York Post says the trial is expected to take approximately 21 days. Authorities recommended Maxwell not be allowed on bail, due to her massive fortune of $20 million as well as her multiple passports. The outlet says she wiped several tears from her left eye as she was denied bail.

Her lawyers pushed for her release, stating that she was hiding from the media and not the police. Maxwell disappeared from the public eye this past July. Judge Alison Nathan will determine whether Maxwell will be allowed out of prison during the next proceeding.

As followers of the case know, Ghislaine Maxwell's close friend and reported ex-lover, Jeffrey Epstein, killed himself in the Metropolitan Correctional Center of Manhattan shortly before he was supposed to go on trial.

Jeffrey Epstein's death has been the focus of many conspiracy theories since he died, with even mainstream figures questioning the events that led up to his death.

Since Maxwell's apprehension, social media users have already been commenting on the likelihood of her suicide by claiming in comment sections all over the internet, "Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself."

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