Ghislaine Maxwell Pleads Not Guilty In Manhattan Supreme Court

Ghislaine Maxwell Pleads Not Guilty In Manhattan Supreme Court
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On Tuesday, the New York Post reported, Ghislaine Maxwell was denied bail due to being labeled as a "substantial" "flight risk" by the authorities . Reportedly, the alleged sex offender hid in a New Hampshire mansion for months following Jeffrey Epstein's arrest and subsequent suicide.

The judge said in the ruling that "no combination of conditions" could ensure Maxwell would stay in the United States for the trial. According to the New York Post, Maxwell was staying in a tiny room during the video conference call.

The judge went on to say it was simply too risky for Maxwell to be let out jail. Judge Alison Nathan described Maxwell as having an "extraordinary capacity" to stay hidden from the authorities.

The New York Post says Maxwell briefly hung her head down to the floor amid the judge's ruling that she wouldn't be allowed out of jail until her trial next year. Reportedly, the former confidante and close friend of Jeffrey Epstein asked to be taken to a New York City hotel instead.

During the approximately two-hour procedure, Maxwell pled not guilty to a six-count indictment that could see her serving a prison sentence of 35 years. The prosecutors accused Maxwell of working closely with Jeffrey Epstein in the enticement of minors into a human trafficking sex ring.

Moreover, authorities accused her of managing to avoid capture by staying in her New Hampshire mansion. She's worth a reported $10 million, and has every motive to leave the United States if she's denied bail, the judge argued.

In a statement read out loud by an anonymous source, Maxwell was accused of egging Epstein on and encouraging the creation of the trafficking ring. Annie Farmer, another woman to accuse Epstein of sexual abuse, accused Ghislaine of abusing her along with Jeffrey at his ranch in New Mexico.

Maxwell's attorney argued that it wasn't "realistic" for her to stay behind bars for the next year as she awaits her trial, however, another accuser, Jennifer Araoz, said she was now able to breathe freely. Jennifer added that "we are on the right path."

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