Gerard Pique Left His Mistress And Is Trying To Beg Forgiveness From Shakira

Gerard Pique Left His Mistress And Is Trying To Beg Forgiveness From Shakira
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Shakira and Gerard Pique broke up over a month ago. The footballer and singer, who have lived in an actual marriage for more than ten years, issued an official statement that they are no longer together.

Interestingly, even before that, there were rumors in the media that the reason for the gap was the athlete's regular betrayals. However, these data have not received any official confirmation.

For the first time after the breakup, the paparazzi now and then noticed Shakira and Gerard together-they tried to do everything possible to make it easier for the children to survive their breakup.

But at some point, a serious conflict began between the ex-lovers. The singer was going to move to Miami with her sons, and the football player planned to sue her custody, leaving the children at home.

But now everything has changed again. The other day, Spanish journalists found out that Pique had left his mistress, which caused their break with Shakira.

Reporters suggested that in this way, he was trying to beg forgiveness from the ex-fiancee - according to insiders, if desired, the artist could easily destroy her ex's career.

Shakira has not yet reacted to the fact that her ex-lover broke up with a new darling. However, Internet users do not doubt she will appreciate this gesture.

Pique met the singer as he was training for Spain ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

At the time, his hit single Waka Waka was being used as the official song of the competition. Even the legendary player showed it in the video.

"It all started when we were in South Africa, and I wrote it," Pique recalled. It wasn't long before it was confirmed that they were a couple.


It really shocked the world when Catalans and Colombians, who have two children together, announced that they would break things off.

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