Georgina Chapman Cancels Fashion Show Following Weinstein Scandal

Georgina Chapman Cancels Fashion Show Following Weinstein Scandal

Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal which exploded in the mainstream media last fall - back in October of 2017 - Georgina Chapman, with good reason, was forced to distance herself from her ex-husband.

As it was previously reported, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of egregious sexual misconduct by nearly one hundred women. However, in the aftermath of the scandal, Chapman's life has been irreversibly turned upside down, including her fashion line, Marchesa.

In fact, she had to cancel her fashion show scheduled for February in New York City. People Magazine confirmed the news today.

A spokesperson for the company told the publication that the organization is "looking forward to presenting their Fall 18 collection" in a new format this coming season.

Since the news of Weinstein's case, the brand has still been working, creating, and distributing products including the bridal collection presentation.

On the 10th of October, last year, Chapman announced she had to leave her husband after 11 years of marriage. She said her "heart breaks" for all of the women who suffered because of her ex.

Celebrity Insider reported earlier in the month that Georgina will receive around $15-$20 million because of their divorce agreement.

However, the 41-year-old, Chapman, and Weinstein, 65, did not file for divorce officially but did settle out of court. In response to the charges, Weinstein denied all of the allegations of non-consensual sex. He said their relationships were always consensual and agreed upon.

Furthermore, the former producer said there were never "any acts of retaliation" against the woman who said "no" to him. The New York Times published a report claiming that Harvey had ex-Israeli secret service agents spy on women who were bad-mouthing him in the press, including Asia Argento and Rose McGowan.


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