George Zimmerman Was Kicked Off Tinder After Using Fake Name 'Carter'

George Zimmerman Was Kicked Off Tinder After Using Fake Name 'Carter'
Credit: Source: Joe Burbank/AP

George Zimmerman may have been acquitted for the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-0ld Trayvon Martin but he has lost when it comes to the court of public opinion. On July 13, 2013, George Zimmerman was acquitted on charges of manslaughter and second-degree murder but his behavior since that day has caused many in the public to remain speculative about his character and culpability.

Zimmerman and his brother are no strangers to social media and on September 28, 2015, George Zimmerman retweeted a crime scene photo showing Trayvon Martin's body following the murder. His legal battles did not end after his acquittal and social media frequently speaks out against the 35-year-old Florida resident.

Now, local Tampa Bay paper Creative Loafing reportedly busted George Zimmerman after they discovered he was using Tinder under the fake name Carter. He did have his age correct though.

Zimmerman shared a number of photos including a shirtless selfie as he sought to find love online and then in real life. You may see Creative Loafing's original report below.

The report continued to say that Tinder has officially banned George Zimmerman from using their service. Zimmerman was previously banned from Bumble.

Zimmerman put in plenty of details in his phony Tinder profile including that he was looking for "carefree fun."

Some of the hobbies Zimmerman enjoyed include hiking, the outdoors, fishing, and enjoying a quiet night with takeout from Longhorn Steakhouse. Zimmerman specifically stated he prefers to avoid large crowds.

George Zimmerman described himself as a self-employed consultant and stated he graduated from Liberty University. He shared a photo in his profile wearing a graduation cap and gown.

Bumble previously stated in 2018 that when they discovered George Zimmerman was using their app under another name: Jorge. According to Bumble, they had to ban him multiple times.

Back in December 2018, when George was using Jorge, he seemed to be looking for something more stable than carefree fun.

His now banned Bumble profile stated the following.

"Let's get coffee and cake pops I'm looking for a mature and fun woman that's ready to be loved and respected the way she deserves and is able to reciprocate."

George Zimmerman's legal issues didn't end with the acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Jay-Z and Michael Gasparro were working on a documentary about the life and death of Trayvon Martin. In May 2018, Zimmerman was charged with stalking due to calling Gasparro a total of 21 times, leaving 7 voice mails, and 38 text messages in two and a half hours.


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