George RR Martin Says The Internet Culture Surrounding Game Of Thrones Is 'Toxic'

George RR Martin Says The Internet Culture Surrounding Game Of Thrones Is 'Toxic'
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According to a report from The Wrap, George RR Martin, the creator of the infamous Game Of Thrones series, recently described the internet culture surrounding his successful show as "toxic." George said the fan culture surrounding his works on the internet is unlike what he grew up with.

In a 90-minute interview on the Maltin on Movies podcast, created by Leonard Maltin, the GOT creator dished on what fan culture was like when he and his friends were growing up in the scene before the days of the internet. When he was a young man, George said he published fanzines as a typewriter.

When he first started out, George explained, he was a comic book fan and he and his friends wrote superhero stories for comic fan magazines. However, these days, the culture has changed on account of social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Martin said, "the internet is toxic in a way that old fanzine culture and fandoms, in those days, was not." The GOT author said there were disagreements and feuds, and so on and so forth, but not in the same way we see today with the rise of social media.

Martin's comments come not long after the fandom of Game Of Thrones criticized the way the series ended, with many people arguing the show's conclusion was an ineffective and rushed way to bring the immensely popular series to a close.

Speaking on the success of the show, George admitted he and the creators over at HBO likely wouldn't be able to create an equally successful series again. George added it likely wasn't something he would expect to see in the world ever again, at least in terms of his creations at least.

According to Martin, Kindergartener teachers won't like him when students start popping up in schools who have names ending in an 's' or a 'y,' such as Daenerys. George was speaking in reference to the effect of the series' on the culture.

Since the show exploded in popularity, other song-titles, movies, comic book characters, and so on, have hinted at Game Of Throne s influence, including the song "Daenerys" by the metal band, Veil Of Maya.


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