George Lopez Charged With Assault Following Hooters Fight With Trump Supporter

George Lopez Charged With Assault Following Hooters Fight With Trump Supporter
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Following George Lopez's run-in with a Trump supporter while at a New Mexico Hooters several weeks ago, the comedian was charged with assault after the man supposedly "harassed him," leading Lopez to react aggressively in self-defense.

Fox News confirmed that N.M law enforcement officials charged the actor with misdemeanor battery after the man tried to film George while at a Las Cruces Hooters.

At the time of the altercation in October, George was filming his latest movie, Walking With Herb , a religious flick. Sources close to the entertainer explained that "he has been very stressed out lately while working on his latest movie. This all happened at the wrong time."

The video obtained by TMZ showed the man saying, "Here comes my boy!" and when the unidentified man began talking to the actor, George appeared to strike the camera out of his hand.

Immediately, Lopez becomes physical and both men go off the frame. In the video, the complainant screams that the comedian/actor wants to fight him.

Afterward, the victim spoke with the gossip tabloid, TMZ, and claimed that he wanted to ask George for a photograph. Despite abruptly taking the person's cellular device, he supposedly gave it right back.

Notably, the person claims to be a Democrat and suggested the whole thing was merely a joke. As most know, George has been more than vocal regarding his hatred for the president and his government - his distaste for Donald Trump isn't a parody.

In recent news, the entertainer filmed a video where he used a water container to make it seem as though he was urinating on Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. And just last year, he was supposedly booed right off the stage for joking about the chief-in-command.

If George hates the president as much as the press says he does, the actor will be glad to know that the Democrats recently took back control of the House of Representatives following this season's mid-term elections. However, Republicans still control the Senate.

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