George Clooney Reveals The Reason Why He Defended Meghan Markle

George Clooney Reveals The Reason Why He Defended Meghan Markle
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George Clooney proved that he is, indeed, a very good friend to the Duchess of Sussex when he defended her. Furthermore, it looks like the actor is still a hundred percent on Meghan Markle’s side.

While a guest on Good Morning Britain earlier today, the actor discussed the last time he came out in Meghan’s defense and also explained the reason why!

‘I think it's a little unfair.  I have seen it, when press can turn on you for ridiculous reasons and for almost nothing and it seemed... to be a little unjust since she hadn't done anything except just happen to live her life,’ Clooney shared.

He went on to praise Markle, saying that ‘She's a really kind and smart and intelligent young woman and they're a really wonderful, loving couple. Most of it you can just shrug off and not pay attention to, but sometimes it's unkind.’

As those who keep up with the Royal Family news or follow George know, it was last month that the Hollywood star slammed the hate Meghan has been getting, even comparing the way she is treated to Princess Diana’s experience!

According to the Who, Clooney said at the time: ‘They are chasing Meghan Markle everywhere. She has been pursued and vilified. She is a woman who's 7 months pregnant and she's being pursued and chased in the same way Diana was, and it is history repeating itself...and we have seen how that ends.’

He also denied the speculations that he may be named the godfather of Meghan and Prince Harry’s still unborn baby.

Clooney argued that he is a father of twins so he is already very busy enough as it is!


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