George Clooney On Being The Next President Following Trump: ‘Oh, That Sounds Like Fun!’

George Clooney On Being The Next President Following Trump: ‘Oh, That Sounds Like Fun!’

George Clooney and his wife Amal made their first public appearance in the last three months, following the birth of their cute twin babies. The power couple looked radiantly happy as they showed up at the Venice Film Festival today.

The two were there for the premiere of Suburbicon – Clooney’s comedy, crime film.

As fans may remember, George has been asked before whether or not he has any plans to run for office and although at the time he had no interest, the election of Donald Trump might have changed his mind completely.

‘Would I like to be the next president? Oh, that sounds like fun. Can I just say that I would like anybody to be the next president of the United States? Right away, please,’ the Hollywood actor said at the premiere of his movie.

When he was faced with the same question two years ago, Clooney responded that despite the fact that people have asked him that for two decades, the answer has always been no.

Why? He explained that being friends with many politicians made him realize that it’s ‘hell.’

Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy back in 2015, George Clooney has been an open critic of the now president, claiming that he was unfit to be the leader of the Free World.

Looking at the bright side, Clooney argued that at least the press and the other national institutions such as the Senate or the judicial system have proved to be working in a moral, responsible and independent fashion, despite the ‘incapable president.’

Would you vote for George Clooney for the presidency of the United States if he ever decided to announce his candidacy in the future?

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