George Clooney Dishes Royal Baby Archie’s Godfather And Life With His Own Twins – Watch The Video Here

George Clooney Dishes Royal Baby Archie’s Godfather And Life With His Own Twins – Watch The Video Here
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George Clooney stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to dish on rumors he was Royal baby Archie's godfather, as well as what life is like with his twins.

The handsome actor is all about life outside the spotlight, especially when it comes to giving his twins, Alexander and Ella, a normal childhood. However, with a little help from his pal, DeGeneres, he talked a little bit about his almost, 2-year-old son and daughter.

One thing the 58-year-old actor was quick to point out is both of his kids are taking after their mother, his lovely wife, Amal Clooney.

"The other day I caught my son because my wife is very, very English, very British, my son said "zehbrah. I'm gonna fix that though. That's not gonna happen," shared the Ocean's 11 star.

He went on to explain the other way they take after his wife is, they are both really smart. The hunky actor joked it was difficult raising two intelligent children.

Clooney is a proud father though. He did not hold back discussing how even though his kids are toddlers, they are very well behaved. There are no terrible two's in his house, well not yet anyway, just a lot of fun.

"It's weird. They have their own personalities. He goes outside and hugs my car. It's bad when I'm driving. That's really not good. He gets right in the wheel well sometimes. And then my daughter slept in my wife's closet with purses going, 'Mine!' So, I see this is gonna be a fun life for me," Clooney joked.

Not long-ago George Clooney was a confirmed bachelor who was never getting married or having children. Now he is praising his terrific wife and calling his kids knuckleheads. Life could not be better for the Hollywood star, and he would not change a thing.

Seriously, he even shares a birthday with the newest member of the Royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie. Speaking of his close friends, Clooney also put the kibosh on the rumors he was going to be baby Archie's godfather. The father of two was adamant he is not going to be a Royal godfather, and he is just fine with it.

Clooney has his hands full with his precious children, loving wife and a new miniseries on Hulu, Catch-22 . Boy how the tides have turned for the guy once referred to as Curious George.


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