Geno Doak Exposed For Sending Nude Photos To Women And Taking Thousands From Mama June!

Geno Doak Exposed For Sending Nude Photos To Women And Taking Thousands From Mama June!
Credit: Source: In Touch Weekly

As 'From Not to Hot' gets deeper into the season, more of Geno Doak's naughty antics are being exposed. In the latest episode, Mama June finds messages of her boyfriend sexting with fans of the show!

June Shannon calls her daughter Pumpkin in the middle of the night in tears because of the inappropriate messages she found in Geno's phone. While venting, the reality star also revealed that he took thousands of dollars from her.

June notices that lately -- Geno hasn't been himself. He isn't as affectionate and he barely wants to spend time with her.

Meanwhile, Pumpkin takes things into her own hands and consults her psychic about her mom's bad news boyfriend.

To no one's surprise, the future teller thinks he's no good too.

"I see a man controlling somebody. He's literally taking things. She had tunnel vision for Geno. There has been other people. Geno should get out. He's disruptive. He's going to ruin everything," the psychic tells a worried Pumpkin.

Shannon's publicist wants her to kick Geno to the curb because the women that he's flirting with have reached out to multiple press publications.

In fact, a source exclusively tells Celebrity Insider: "The show is scripted according to Geno. And he made it clear he will never marry again. If he does, it will be with someone he doesn’t love and told me why. That’s all I’m going to say but that’s not all I’ve got over the last 3 weeks or month we exchanged messages, texts, calls and face times quite often. June is as much of a liar. It will be interesting how the liars address the marriage next season. I was decent enough to tell her so she would know what he does when she isn’t around."

This all occurred before the couple got arrested for possession of crack cocaine and domestic violence. Hopefully, Mama June wakes up and sees that she can do better for herself.


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