'General Hospital' Stars Max Gail And Maurice Benard Win Daytime Emmy Awards For Work On Alzheimer’s Storyline

'General Hospital' Stars Max Gail And Maurice Benard Win Daytime Emmy Awards For Work On Alzheimer’s Storyline
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The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards took place last night! It was a night full of fun, excitement and heartfelt speeches.

General Hospital stars Maz Gail, and Maurice Benard both took home awards for their work on the Alzheimer's storyline that has been at the forefront of the ABC soap opera this past year. Gail won for Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Benard won for Outstanding Lead Actor.

Both men were filled with emotion as they accepted their awards and spoke about the powerful impact the story has had on their lives. Gail said in years to come at least half of the US population with have some sort of involvement with Alzheimer. Whether it is a person who is suffering from the disease or a person taking care of someone with the illness, the majority of the US will be faced with an ugly truth.

Benard plays Sonny Corinthos on the hit show, Gail plays his father Mike Corbin who is suffering from the disease. The two men have turned in compelling performances this year to tackle a very touching subject matter. Benard was so emotional during his speech. He had tears running down his face at one point. The actor praised Gail, who he said reminded him of his father.

It is never easy when a soap opera decides to take on a hot button storyline. If not done correctly it can blow up in everyone's face. However, in the case of GH and the Alzheimer's storyline, it has been hugely successful. The writing, along with the outstanding acting by Benard and Gail have made it one of the best storylines told in GH history.

Max Gail and Maurice Benard took home two of the top honors at last night's Daytime Emmy Awards. Fans of the men know they have been hitting it out of the park this past year. It was Gail's first ever daytime award and Benard's second win. Their performances are amazing, but it was their speeches last night that truly showed how appreciative they are to get to tell such a vital storyline.

There is still a lot of the Alzheimer's storyline to tell but as fans know it is going to get a lot darker. GH has been committed to telling an accurate portrayal of how the disease affects those who suffer from it, as well as their family and friends.

General Hospital fans what are your thoughts on Gail and Benard winning top awards, as well as the high-profile storyline?


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