General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Dishes Second Career – Is He Saying Goodbye To Sonny Corinthos?

General Hospital Star Maurice Benard Dishes Second Career – Is He Saying Goodbye To Sonny Corinthos?
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General Hospital star Maurice Benard is dishing all about his second career, as well as when he will say goodbye to Sonny Corinthos.

It has been almost 25-years since Benard stepped into the role of the infamous mob boss. Hot on the heels of his milestone anniversary, the actor is getting real about taking on other roles at this stage in his career.

Fans will recall he wowed Lifetime viewers as the legendary John Gotti in the made for TV movie Victoria Gotti: My Father's Daughter . Benard has been making waves on the big screen too in The Ghost and The Whale and Nightmare Cinema.

"For whatever reason, I've been able to almost have a second career at my age. It's what I always wanted. It just never happened. But one thing's led to another, and then another and GH executive producer Frank Valentini allowing me to do these projects is a big deal! So, I'm just enjoying the ride," shared the 56-year-old with Soaps In Depth .

Along with tackling new characters, Benard is trying his hand at writing. He is in the middle of pouring his heart and soul into his memoir. Nothing General About It: How Love (And Lithium) Saved Me On And Off GH will be out next April, and the actor is not holding anything back from his fans.

Ever since he played a minor role in the 2015 film Joy , the talented star has been in high demand for acting gigs. Benard’s recent popularity and desire to take on roles outside of Sonny have GH fans worried he might be leaving the daytime show. After all, he has been teasing something big is in works for him.

"GH is a family. It's the best job in the world, and I love my friends there, dearly. I can't even imagine leaving. But eventually, that day will come, and you're going to have to carry me out! You think the Emmy speech was bad? I won't be able to talk. I'll just be down in my dressing room, crying like a baby," Benard stated.

The actor has also gained a new following on social media. Benard has upped his game sharing videos, gifs, inspirational messages, chats with fans and behind the scenes content from GH .

Maurice Benard is one busy man, with a second acting career heating up. The General Hospital star has no intention of leaving the show he has called home for over two decades and the role that changed his life. If Benard gets what he wants Sonny Corinthos will be in Port Charles for a very long time.


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  • Vickie Hemb
    Vickie Hemb Aug 24, 2019 10:33 PM PDT

    I love general hospital been watching over 55 years it wouldn't be the same without Sonny corinthos I don't know if I would watch it then but I've been watching it for over 55 years ever since I was a little girl that's all I ever watched the fantastic show

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