General Hospital Star Laura Wright Shares Update On Her Broken Foot And Recovery

General Hospital Star Laura Wright Shares Update On Her Broken Foot And Recovery
Credit: Source ABC via YouTube

General Hospital star Laura Wright has shared an update with fans regarding her broken foot and recovery.

A little over a month ago, the actress revealed she fell down the steps and broke her foot. In an Instagram post showing off her injury and her new accessory, Wright clued in fans into what happened.

"Yep, I fell down the stairs over a week ago and broke my foot can't walk for 6 weeks. I get to wear this sexy black cast for 4 and @wes_ramsey is a saint!!!! Thank you baby for taking care of me," the blonde beauty wrote.

GH fans know the injury was written into the show this week when Carly was sitting a lot after having her own foot injury.

Wright has continuously been updating fans on her prognoses. The actress is healing well, but it has been a struggle not being able to walk. She has had a difficult time being sedentary, especially having to forgo her regular workouts.

"Not being able to walk has been crazy challenging for me and my mind. While I know I'm so lucky I only broke my foot, and I'll be able to say goodbye to this cast and scooter soon, many don't have that option. I have been very low emotionally," she explained in a social media post.

Those who follow Wright on Instagram know she is obsessed with working out. She is even a coach for Beach Body and is always doing challenges with fans.

The actress is super positive in encouraging her followers to keep moving and get physical. In light of her recent injury, Wright has decided to start a challenge as part of her recovery process.

"It has shown me how important moving our bodies is out our mental state," she continued. "I have to start super-slow while mixing in my physical therapy, but I'm so excited! If you'd like to join me and Team Laura, E-mail We start September 30!" the Guiding Light alum has revealed to her fans in various posts the past week.

Laura Wright may not be able to walk because of her foot injury, but that has not stopped her from having fun. She and her man, fellow General Hospital star Wes Ramsey, enjoyed their last few days of vacation from the ABC show with some fun in the sun.



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