General Hospital Star James Patrick Stuart Gets Candid About His Mental Health Struggles

General Hospital Star James Patrick Stuart Gets Candid About His Mental Health Struggles
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General Hospital star James Patrick Stuart is getting candid about his struggle with mental health.

In a very emotional Instagram video, the actor was open and honest about his issues with depression.

"I'm not an expert on mental health. but I'm also not a stranger to sadness and isolation and bouts of depression. I'm willing to confess to you that we are more willing to talk about physical fitness than we are our mental fitness," he began his message.

Stuart captioned the post by letting fans know the reason he was speaking out now is that he wants to help change the stigma when it comes to mental health.

"And when I get into that place, I check in with myself. Have I been eating poorly? Am I not sleeping at all? Have I had too much screen time? And you know, I'll check in with a friend. And if I have to, I'll go talk to somebody. Those are the things that I'll do. And I also remember more than anything that feelings are not facts and they tend to change," the GH fan favorite continued.

James Patrick Stuart is using his own battle with mental health to join the 320 challenge. It is a social media initiative to help change the conversation about depression.

320 was launched by Talinda Bennington, who lost her husband, Chester Bennington, to depression and substance abuse. Fans know him as the lead singer of Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots.

The challenge hopes that it will prompt more people to seek help. It is all about switching the flip on the culture of mental health. There is a stigma that the subject is taboo, and people should be afraid to be open about their struggles.

Stuart expressed it was his wife, Jocelyn, who prompted him to join the challenge. She, too, is sharing her own experience on social media. The General Hospital star asked his good friend and colleague, Maurice Benard to join the challenge as well.

Benard has struggled with bipolar disorder for years. The actor has not only been extremely vocal about his personal struggle but he advocated for his character to have the same issue to bring more awareness to it.

James Patrick Stuart's story is one that resonates with a lot of people. Fans have been flooding his post with thanks, similar stories, and positive messages regarding his courage to speak his truth.


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