General Hospital Casting News: Constance Towers Returns As Villainess Helena Cassadine

General Hospital Casting News: Constance Towers Returns As Villainess Helena Cassadine
Credit: Source ABC via YouTube

General Hospital c asting spoilers have revealed Constance Towers is returning as villainess Helena Cassadine.

Several questions are surrounding Towers return to the ABC daytime soap opera. TV Line gave fans a first look picture from the comeback. In a flashback photo, Helena is talking to Shiloh, played by Coby Ryan McLaughlin.

The website has revealed the picture is from Shiloh's time in Afghanistan with Drew Cane, played by Billy Miller. It is unclear at this time, who is having the memory recall.

Fans know Drew has no recollection of that time, but Franco was just implanted with his memories. So, it could be Shiloh, Drew, Franco, or even a back from the dead Helena thinking about what went down all those years ago.

Details surrounding the story are being kept under wraps. Since Helena is chatting up Shiloh, it is safe to say she was connected to his dirty dealings back in Afghanistan.

Her return most likely will play a part in Miller's exit . The actor confirmed last month he had filmed his final day on GH . Reports speculate Miller and Drew will leave Port Charles at the end of August or beginning of September.

One thing is for sure, it is never a good thing when Helena is involved. She is all about unleashing fury and creating dire situations for anyone that gets in her way. The residents of Port Charles spent years being destroyed by the evil Helena until she finally succumbed to her death in 2016.

Now It is not unlike Helena to reach out beyond the grave. She appeared in a hallucination to Jake at the Nurses ball in 2017. Her latest stint is probably another reminder that Helena may be gone, but she can still shake up life from the grave. The Cassadine matriarch will never truly be gone.

Thankfully fans won't have to wait too long to start finding out how Helena Cassadine is connected to cult leader Shiloh.

Constance Towers returns to General Hospital on Monday, August 19th. Fans questions won't be answered at once, but at least the beginning of revealing what part the villainess played in in the Afghanistan drama is near.

ABC does not comment on casting news. Towers has not spoken out regarding reprising the role of Helena. Hopefully, all of the silence means fans are in for one doozy of a story featuring the evil Cassadine matriarch.

What are your thoughts on the Shiloh, Drew and Helena connection?


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