General Hospital Alum Carly Schroeder Opens Up About Life In The Army

General Hospital Alum Carly Schroeder Opens Up About Life In The Army
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General Hospital alum Carly Schroeder is opening up about life in the Army. The blonde beauty traded in her acting career for a chance to serve her country. She is perfectly happy with her choice too.

Schroeder earned a degree in criminal justice in college. Then she spent a year training with Army Special Forces and police SWAT team members for a role in an action film. After those two accomplishments, the young woman saw another path for her life.

"My father served the country as an Army Green Beret, and you know, I couldn't let the boys have all the fun!" Schroder explained to Soaps In Depth , referring to her brother, who is a Marine.

She didn't immediately choose Army life. The former child-actress did careful research on each military branch before deciding to enroll in the Army. Last May she spent two months in boot camp. Now she is at Officer Candidate School in Georgia.

"Pretty high up on my interest list is armor and explosive ordinance disposal, which my mom's not too excited about. That's like the bomb squad," she revealed in terms of the type of works she wants to explore.

Military counterintelligence or military police work are also on her list of job possibilities. Her endgame is to be able to do something that makes a difference in the world.

"When I was in college, I started learning about human trafficking; I'd been unaware of how big of an issue it is domestically. So, I would like to learn things in the military that can help me once I'm out to not only spread the message about it but also be on the team that can help fight and better assist those victims," Schroeder said.

Helping veterans is also a priority for the former actress. She has worked with several homeless veterans on Skid Row in Los Angeles and making a difference in their lives in a priority.

“Being an actress, I kind of get swept under the rug when I start speaking out about it. But once I'm part of the military family, I can better advocate for my fellow veterans," she shared.

Although some question her decision to join the Army in the current state of the country, General Hospital alum Carly Schroeder is standing by her choice. She knows this road is the best way for her to evolve and grow in her life. Plus, being part of the military is in her blood.

Schroeder hasn't completely ruled out a return to acting at some point in her life right now though she is perfectly happy in the Army.


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