Gene Simmons Allegedly Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Gene Simmons Allegedly Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
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According to a report from The, Gene Simmons lawsuit for supposed groping is rumored to be in the process of a cash settlement. Previously, a dishwasher claimed the Kiss frontman groped her one evening, and the victim in question reportedly wants the case dismissed.

The Blast reported that the woman named in the suit, Jane Doe, filed a request for dismissal on Wednesday in Los Angeles. When Gene was opening his family restaurant chain, the rockstar purportedly groped her.

The case was first filed back in December of last year, and the woman claims she was working at his restaurant, Rock and Brews, when it first launched in 2016. It was during the launch party where the woman claims Gene grabbed her.

The Blast adds the case was requested to be dismissed "with prejudice," which means it's officially over and no longer in the court system. The documents don't indicate whether a settlement was reached, but a request for a dismissal usually is indicative of a reached settlement between the plaintiff and the defendant.

Following a judge's approval of the dismissal, the case will dissolve. According to the accuser in the incident, Gene came into the kitchen to meet the crew and take photos with them, but when she went over to him to take a picture, he put his hand on her vagina.

Moreover, she claims Gene had requested she and other women to "unbutton their shirts." This wouldn't be the first time Simmons has settled a lawsuit for sexual assault. A reporter last year accused Gene of assaulting her as well.

As most know, Gene's suit is just one of many following the #MeToo explosion that occurred in the final months of 2017. The biggest moment was when Harvey Weinstein was accused by a plethora of women, including Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, as well as Ashley Judd.

Harvey Weinstein is now gearing up to complete his sexual assault trial in May. According to Market Place, despite the #MeToo era taking hold, workplace sexual harassment complaints are being made now more than ever.

However, it could be because victims are merely less afraid to speak out. It's possible women such as the one in the Gene Simmons case, feels empowered to tell her story.

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