Gayle King Responds To Snoop Dogg's Apology - Here's What She Had To Say!

Gayle King Responds To Snoop Dogg's Apology - Here's What She Had To Say!
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As you probably know, Snoop Dogg attacked Gayle King  and held nothing back after she brought up Kobe Bryant’s rape case despite his tragic passing on January 26. That interview actually made a lot of people upset but the woman insisted her words were taken out of context.

Either way, the rapper took some time to think about his harsh words and after realizing that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right,’ he apologized.

Now, Gayle has responded to the apology and it looks like they are all good!

Snoop felt so bad about the angry video he posted, insulting the famous interviewer that he even offered to ‘sit down and talk privately.’

‘Two wrongs don't make no right. When you're wrong, you gotta fix it. With that being said, Gayle King, I publicly tore you down, coming at you in a derogatory manner based off of just my emotions... me being angry at questions that you asked. overreacted. Should have handled it way different than that. I was raised way better. So I'd like to apologize to you publicly for the language I used and calling you out of your name and being disrespectful,’ Snoop Dogg’s apologized.

He went on to say that he never meant for his outburst to be like that.

Instead, he was only trying to defend ‘a friend that wasn't here to defend himself.’

He also mentioned that it was a great way for him to teach those who look up to him that it is Okay to apologize when you make a mistake, and fix it.

Following this post, Gayle chatted with ET and stated that: ‘I accept his apology and I understand the emotions caused by this tragic loss. I am deeply sorry questions I asked added to the pain. That was never my intention. As a journalist, it's sometimes challenging to balance doing my job with emotions and feelings during difficult times. I do not always get it perfect but I am constantly striving to do it with compassion and integrity.’

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