Gayle King Opens Up About The Time When She Caught Her 'Friend' In Bed With Her Ex-Husband

Gayle King Opens Up About The Time When She Caught Her 'Friend' In Bed With Her Ex-Husband
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The celebrity world has been in shock for the past few days, and two horrible events have been keeping the headlines of the most important magazines.

First of all, there's the tragedy that hit rapper T.I.'s family with the death of his beloved sister, Precious Harris .

And then, there's the unexpected cheating in the Kardashian family. As you all know by now, it seems that Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods made out with Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson .

And even if it has been reported that Khloe dumped him a few days before this happened, it's still wrong, and Jordyn broke an essential girl code.

This event might have triggered bad memories for a lot of people who have been cheated throughout their lives.

One of them seems to be Gayle King who just opened up about an experience that 'completely shaped how she views friendships,' The Shade Room notes.

TSR writes that 'Granted, her and her bestie #Oprah can laugh at the situation now, but at the time I’m sure it was heartbreaking. In a web series called #TheOGChronicles, Gayle spoke about her ex-husband cheating on her with a “friend” back in 1990! The CBS anchor said she basically walked in on her friend and husband at the time in bed together. But catch this tea, this “friend” had the nerve to tell Gayle “I never liked you” when she got CAUGHT caught!'

Someone tells Gayle to 'Stick with Oprah Gayle. In life, you're blessed to find one authentic, genuine friend.'

Another commenter said 'Oprah would NEVER do such things and Gayle would NEVER do such things... We 'broke' people need another topic to talk about...smh.'

Someone else noted that this is 'Not a good black History month for my black people February is a sad and the worst month of all sorry.'

Another commenter said that 'If you ever find one true friend, don’t ever let her go.'  Indeed, this is a truly precious piece of advice.

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